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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Social Media Boost?
Social Media Boost, or as we call it "Sanalysis," is the process of virtualizing your social media presence. It helps your accounts reach a wider audience by strategically assuming a certain level of engagement. Our proven applications enhance the visibility of your social media content every day.
Is My Account at Risk?
We diligently monitor the impact of orders on social media accounts. Since the inception of our panel, we have not observed any risks, provided the accounts are not misused. However, please note that our panel assumes no responsibility for any issues that may arise due to misuse.
How Can I Create a Support Ticket?
If you're on a desktop, click on the "Support Center" icon on the left menu. For mobile users, click the menu button on the top right, then click on "Support Center." Choose the topic for your support ticket and fill in the required details. Click "Create Ticket" to submit your request.
How Do I Load Balance to My Account?
After successful registration, if you're on desktop, click on "Add Balance" on the left menu. Mobile users can find it in the top right menu. You can make a commission-free payment 24/7 using PayTR. Your card details are not stored in our system, and payments made through PayTR are secured by the 3D secure system.
How Can I Place an Order?
If you're on desktop, click on "Place Order" on the left menu. For mobile users, find it in the top right menu. Select the category and service you want, read the service description, enter the link, and specify the quantity. Click "Place Order," and your order will be completed within the specified time.